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At the beginning of 2017, I formed a partnership with a beauty product company vice expand my own product line. Why? Because The Farm Life has exciting stewardship expansion in the works! After our farm school program sold out on the first day, I poignantly realized that The Farm Life needs to nurture education just as much as safe product delivery. To carry this mission forward, I will unite with trusted colleagues who have a similar mission. Enters Beautycounter’s partnership to help me continue nurturing you, my friendustomers, while also nurturing the need to empower through education.

 Why Beautycounter?

They have a strong female CEO who invests in stewardship while also valuing herself with a profitable business. As a B Corporation, Beautycounter cannot prioritize profit at the expense of people and planet health. And while they have a pure line of products, the products perform. In their leadership ring you’ll find a celebrity makeup artist named Christy Coleman, a chemist who left Chanel named Xavier Ormancy, and a brilliant innovator named Michael McGeevor. Know what I love the most? Each of these leaders are REAL, KIND, and SMART. 

What products do they have?

You can pop on over to the website to see more. Pictured below are some of my favorites.

How can you support Beautycounter’s mission?

  1. Become a Band of Beauty member: When you become a customer for Beautycounter, you are directly supporting their mission of changing the outdated, broken beauty laws. Plus you will be consuming from a product line that promises over 1500 chemicals will NEVER be found in the products (called the Never List). Dive in as an informed consumer at
  2. Work with me — when you want, how you want: Join me in the field as a consultant. It sure would be fun to expand my ablity to work with more of you. Working with friends united by passion and a strong mission? YES PLEASE! Email me to set up time to chat. Thank you for you showing up, serving others, and being kind in the process. See you soon. 

~ Farmer Ashley 

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