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Since our organization is rooted in functional medicine and biodynamic farming, we want to support you with additional resources that extend beyond the products made on the farm. All of our brand partners were vetted by Farmer Ashley with ultra-thick skeptical glasses before earning her trust. 

Being able to work alongside more people serves as another benefit to brand partnerships. If you are interested in earning independent income by joining a partner company as a consultant, please email us. We’d love to have you. Farmer Ashley will directly work with you to help you build up your own independent business. 

Important note** If you already receive support from another person with any of these companies, please contact that person to order. 



A B Corp backed by a Never List 


Scout and Cellar

Clean-crafted wine (organic or biodynamic)


Prime My Body

Hemp Oil (absolutely NO THC)

Buy viagra using paypal, Viagra soft online