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What Does “Know Better, Do Better” Really Mean?

I do not fault the individual level for the “earth slaying” problem before us. I fault the collective. Gently, at that. Much of our behavior lures behind misunderstanding or lack of information. That’s why I call for each of you to join me in educating others. Most just don’t know or understand the impact behind […]

What is Ancestral Health?

Evolution is defined simply as change over time. When we (Ashley & Liz) reference “our ancestors,” we are referring to humans living before modern societies. We try to steer away from firm historical timelines and instead focus on pre- and post- modern times. We simply want to lay out the successes of “before” to find […]

Why Do We Get Sick?

I want nothing more than to protect my children from harm, which includes getting sick. All parents can agree with me here, across all walks and stages of our parenting journey. I want to have allies on my side and a culture filled with understanding to help me in turn understand how to keep them […]