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What Does “Know Better, Do Better” Really Mean?

I do not fault the individual level for the “earth slaying” problem before us. I fault the collective. Gently, at that. Much of our behavior lures behind misunderstanding or lack of information. That’s why I call for each of you to join me in educating others. Most just don’t know or understand the impact behind […]

Need a Vegetable Garden Design?

when i first started this business six years ago, i was fresh out of cornell’s permaculture ECO MIMICRY design school. I spent the first two years designing vegetable gardens and edible/ecological landscapes for the local community. Back then the company was called Seasoned Gardens. Then, I moved to the country, went to functional medicine school […]

The Mission of Food Freedom

In 2001, two months before 9/11, I swore an oath to protect our country’s freedom. And while I was not a front-line fighter, I quickly grasped the importance of freedom from both training and experience. It’s a paradox when serving in the military because on one front you are fighting for your country’s freedom, and on […]

Our Mission

The mythologist Joseph Campbell believed that a common archetypal story roots myths (public) and dreams (private). We are called to an adventure, face a series of trials, become wiser, and then find some manner of mastery or peace. From those experiences, we find common threads in other life tapestries. The Farm Life founders have experienced life […]

What is Functional Medicine Farming?

Why did I transition into functional medicine farming? And what the heck does functional medicine farming even mean? I am a farmer, right? How in the world is that connected or related to functional medicine? Food is everything. The way we manage our lifestyle is everything. Our culture needs to shift back to a preventative […]