Since our organization is rooted in functional medicine and biodynamic farming, we want to support you with additional resources that extend beyond the products made on the farm. 

Being able to work alongside other leaders expands our reach of service. We are continuously impressed with Scout & Cellar and all the impact she is bringing to clean up the wine industry. Scout & Cellar supports farmers who avoid glyphosate in their fields, ferment and filter using traditional methods, and resist the temptation to add sugar just to appease the modern palate. Wine should be as nature intended!!

Book a tasting (either in-person or virtual) to learn more. Or just dive right in and order some wine! Shipping is free over $99. If you join as a member, you will receive a 5% discount and 10% off al la carte coupon with each delivery (not required). Also, 6+ bottles enjoys a 5% discount, 12+ bottles enjoys a 10% discount. It’s your choice! Become a member or order only what you want! 

try some of their delicious wines!
If you are interested in earning an independent income by joining The Farm Life as a clean-crafted wine consultant, please reach out! We’d love to have you. Farmer Ashley will work directly with you and your goals sharing wine with your tribe. 

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