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Meet Farmer Ashley

Co-founder / CEO

I grew up in Texas and Mississippi sourcing my food as much as possible. From food growth to dairy farming, my roots run deep and blood pumps brown and green. After a sabbatical to attend the Naval Academy and serve my country as a naval officer, I returned to my farming roots. I now live in Virginia Beach on a 5 acre Permaculture farm, play outside tons thanks to homeschooling my 4 sons, and co-own a functional medicine practice to help people transform their lives. Daily I wear the hat as a functional medicine farmer taking care of people, plants, and farm animals. My mission is to provide people with the highest level of care as they strive to heal while simultaneously providing them with fully traceable food and products. I received my Permaculture training at Cornell University and functional medicine training at Chris Kresser’s school, The Kresser Institute. Paired with over 12 years of experience in natural health, I live to serve by formidably changing lives for the better centered around a platform of love and deep human connection.