Free Range, Organically-Fed Duck Eggs



Our flock of beautiful ducks forage on our regenerative farm. We also feed them New Country Organics whole food feed (meaning not pellets!!!). They roam freely in a 2 acre area. We view our ducks as our pets and love them as family.

Per the principles of Permaculture, we placed this roaming area on the south-side of the property’s forest edge. Ducks require plenty of tree, shrub, and bush cover. They also require fresh water for swimming, bathing, and playing. 

Return your cartons for $.50 back when you pick up! Must be a carton made for The Farm Life to be eligible for discount.

You will receive an email and text message when your eggs are ready for pick up at the General Store.

Store location: 1776 Princess Anne Rd, Virginia Beach (Pungo Village)