Free Range, Organically-Fed Chicken Eggs



Our flock of 200 chickens forage on our biodynamic farm. We also feed them New Country Organics whole food feed (meaning not pellets!!!). They roam freely on a 2 acre area. We view our chickens as our pets and love them as family.

Per the principles of Permaculture, we placed this roaming area on the south-side of the property’s forest edge. Chickens require plenty of tree, shrub, and bush cover. They DO NOT belong in an open field unless completely contained in a chicken tractor. A roaming space void of nature-provided safety cover stresses them. 

Return your cartons for $.50 back when you pick up! Must be a carton made for The Farm Life to be eligible for discount.

Please annotate in the notes section which day you’d like to pick up. 🙂