Elderberry Syrup Kit Wholesale Club

From: $24.50 every 2 months

Join the Elderberry Syrup Kit Wholesale Club today! This membership gives you 25% off the famous kit and ***FREE SHIPPING! You also have the option of adding on our Raw Manuka Honey blend at the 25% off wholesale club price!
Stay well this cold/flu season and SAVE $$ while doing so!
Choose from:
  • One kit per month ($24.50/month)
  • One kit every other month
  • Two kits per month ($49/month)
  • Three kits per month ($73.50)
  • One kit per WITH MANUKA HONEY BLEND ($43.25/month)
  • One kit every other month WITH MANUKA HONEY BLEND
This kit makes approx 40 ounces ounces of syrup! In addition to the elderberries, this herbal blend contains four other herbs to strengthen the immune support properties. This economical kit also saves you money and is ready in an hour using a simple stove top herbal infusion. All you need in addition to this kit is filtered water and raw honey. Once made, store up to 2 months in the refrigerator. Designed for all ages over 18 months, including pregnant and nursing women. The Manuka Honey Blend contains organic Manuka honey combined with Virginia raw, dark honey to total 8 ounces. The perfect combo to your kit!