Functional Medicine Alliance Member

$10.00 / month

Ashley and Liz welcome you to the true essence of Functional Medicine Alliance — a group of members who have taken an active role in managing their health. This group is for people willing to learn. Once ready, Ashley and Liz will empower you with information and support. Where does our collective knowledge come from (Ashley & Liz)? Ashley has dedicated her entire career over the last 15 years to natural health. Liz has dedicated over a decade to natural health. We both went to the Kresser Institute for Functional Medicine. That means we provide you with a foundation of experience and formal schooling, and we all collectively build from there.

It does not matter what stage of “alternative health” you find yourself. We are all in varied stages. What matters is your willingness to take charge of your family’s health, develop a plan, and make decisions that resonate best with your foundation.

What your monthly membership provides:

  • A membership portal on the website with easy access to file downloads
  • Full access to the Empowered Parent Program (!!!!!!)
  • Access to health articles written for members only 🙂
  • Weekly online event led by Ashley & Liz (based on your topic submission)
  • Access to Ashley, Liz, and the entire collective knowledge in our private Facebook group
  • Special member-only promotions and discounts on The Farm Life product line

Ashley & Liz welcome you as a member of Functional Medicine Alliance. Our vision is for this alliance to grow into a profound way that serves our entire community! Thank you for joining us. :>