Manuka Honey Elderberry Gummies


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Enjoy our fun-shaped animals elderberry gummies to boost your body’s defenses!

Our Immune Helper Elderberry Gummies are quite possibly the first to be released without unwanted ingredients. No artificial dyes, processed sweeteners, preservatives, gluten, or any harmful ingredients. Plus, one gummy equals 600 mg of elderberry extract, which makes these not only pure but also cost-effective. Each container contains 60 gummies! You will be well-stocked for the month!!

We sweeten these little delights with raw honey instead of processed sugar. Why? Because processed sugar (and corn syrup) suppresses the immune system. You or your child are taking this herbal food supplement to boost the immune system! Know what else? Each gummy also contains Manuka honey to help fight off coughs.

Immune Helper Elderberry Gummies combine powerful, yet safe herbs into a synergistic immune support blend. We use grass-fed gelatin to achieve the perfect consistency and to add gut health benefits to every bite. Each gummy is chock full of antioxidants, which work to fight off free radicals. This keeps the body healthy, balanced, and functioning properly!


Enjoy!!! YUM!!!!!