Certified Organic, Wild-Crafted Elderberries (1 lb) **Not DIY kit**

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A great long term herb storage solution to be prepared!

Certified organic, wild-crafted whole elderberries for making your own elderberry syrup. Our elderberries grow in an ecologically clean region in Eastern Europe. They are collected in the wild along forests, on the hills, and beside the rivers. Regenerative farmers carefully hand collect the berries as they ripen. Then berries get dried with a gentle thermal method. Afterwards, regenerative farmers go through every piece by hand, being sure all stems and immature berries are removed. Now that’s a reason to thank a regenerative farmer! Wow!

Elderberries have long-been used as an ally against upper respiratory infections and to boost your body’s defenses. They contain vitamin C, quercetin, antioxidants, and more for supporting your body’s defense system.

One pound of dried elderberries will make approximately 100 ounces of syrup.


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