“Pick-Your-Own” Produce Punch Card


As a functional medicine practitioner and farmer, I have learned that our ancestral human wiring requires us to connect with nature for optimal health. Most farms offer the traditional “CSA Box Delivery” model. That is a GREAT model for helping busy people access local, wholesome food. But I (Farmer Ashley) would encourage even the busiest of person to connect directly with the land on a regular basis.

Additionally, many of you have asked to visit the farm on a regular basis to harvest your own food. You see the value in connection without me having to tell you! THANK YOU. Since The Farm Life Movement stands firmly behind empowerment, I listened to your requests and have created a program that shares my biodynamic land’s bounty with you. This is a program designed for people and families who want to connect face-to-face with food sourcing by picking it all yourself! See below for more info…