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As functional medicine farmers, we are called to help both people and planet in a way that brings people back together and back to nature. Our society is deeply disconnected from people. We lack trustworthy resources. And for the first time in history, children have a shorter predicted life span than their parents.

The Farm Life Movement was created to serve people and planet by providing shared experiences, trustworthy resources, and wellness education. We chose to live out our mission on a regenerative farm. On our farm, we grow clean food, formulate non-toxic products, and host events at our sanctuary.

We are currently headquartered on a biodynamic farm in the Creeds area of Virginia Beach.  We grow vegetables, fruits, and raise 200 chickens and ducks for eggs. We also grow herbs to use as ingredients in our Farmacy product line.

While we love being on the farm, we understand that the farm is far away from the community that needs us.

So we decided to expand The Farm Life Movement by opening up an organic market. This serves not only as a place of local eats and commerce, but more importantly, as a place to connect. Our space provides you with a “little bit of this and that” on your healthy living journey. Every product has been vetted as clean and organic for you.

Our ethos requires us to source materials rooted in the understanding that they will serve as a catalyst for improving your health. We want to teach you by showing you, down to the air you breathe.

We hope you gather food and supplies from us before you head off to shop at the “big box” franchise stores.

What trustworthy resources can you access from us?

  • Fresh produce harvested each morning from our farm
  • Organically-fed eggs from our farm
  • Organic regional produce to fill in the gaps of what we don’t grow
  • Organic grocery essentials
  • All things elderberry and immune support
  • A comprehensive face and body care line formulated by us and made on our skincare farm (See the entire line here)
  • Seasonal non-toxic products like sunscreen and bug repellent
  • Natural remedies
  • Raw, local honey
  • Trager Brothers Organic coffee (cold brew, whole beans, and ground coffee)
  • Blue Ridge Bucha Refill Station (bring your own jar and fill at our kegerator or buy pre-filled jars)
  • Grab n’ go snacks
  • Wild Wood Farms native herbal remedies
  • Essential Oils
  • Branded apparel, hats, and accessories


We are located at 2090 Princess Anne Road in Virginia Beach, VA.

Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-4pm