Whether you are a farmer or not, everyone can participate in The Farm Life Movement. We have social impact work to do! We invite you to join our group of brand ambassadors. By participating, you are helping clean up many aspects of our modern culture by bringing back pieces of wisdom from the days before modern agriculture and machines. As current leaders, it’s never been more important to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern advances!

As a social impact ambassador, you earn an independent income by referring your community to our biodynamic skincare and remedy product line. The product line, formulated by the founder who is a functional medicine practitioner and biodynamic farmer, serves as the way for The Farm Life Movement to sustain itself and continue to grow. Without it, we would not be able to continue this education-based movement. See the product line here: https://thefarmlife.com/product-category/farmacy/

You won’t find any monthly requirements or fine print in our referral program. Just refer as you feel inspired!

About the program:

  • Earn 20% commission for each person you send our way.
  • Earn 12% recurring commission for return referral orders.
  • Craft your own landing page that includes information about you.
  • Create a custom referral URL for a single product.
  • Fast & easy monthly commission payments through Paypal.
  • Welcome new friendustomers to the movement with a 10% coupon.
  • Track every sale through your own dashboard.

We are growing fast and it is because our friendustomers are spreading the word. Now we want to return the favor by helping leaders of this movement earn an extra income! Rest assured the product line will continue to grow, educational resources will expand, and your work will be more critical with each passing day.

This is not a direct sales program. It’s an affiliate-based program based on sharing The Farm Life Movement through education, experiences and Farmacy product sales.

Thank you for joining us!

Read our Terms & Conditions here.