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Five Reasons Children Must Play Outside!

Go outside and play! Many of you reading this grew up in a different time than our current children. A time where we layered hour on top of hour playing outside. Often our time outside felt like extreme boredom. Other times like pure elation. Either way, this time spent outside paved the path to brilliance, […]

Understanding Sugar’s Effect on Your Family’s Health

Don’t beat yourself up over your inkling towards having a sweet tooth. All humans have this woven into their DNA. We’ve enjoyed the pleasure and reward of a sweet taste since the beginning (think honey and native fruits). Ancestrally, sweet often meant safe since very few sweet-tasting plants were poisonous. But where did we start […]

Mindful Eating – a way to rid the guilt

Howdy everyone! Farmer Ashley here with some functional medicine farmer tips. Today I am covering: Mindful Eating Yes, that’s my husband (Paul) hugging me with a headlock. And yes, we are eating homemade birthday cupcakes. And yes, that is pure joy on my face thanks to both the human connection and the delicious (rare) sugary delight. […]

Artificial Christmas Trees – Hazardous or Healthy?

I love this time of year with holiday decorating. My family cranks up the holiday music and spends hours decorating the house. My five-year-old continues to “rearrange” all the way through the New Year. ? But wait. Before you buy an artificial tree, read this article. Many people opt for an artificial tree because their […]

Water… the most common nutritional deficiency

Water is important, rather ESSENTIAL, to our overall health. It is the most abundant substance on the earth and in the human body. Roughly 55-60% of the adult body is made up of water, and every living cell in the body needs it to keep functioning. Our bodies lack the capability to store water, therefore […]

What is Ancestral Health?

Evolution is defined simply as change over time. When we (Ashley & Liz) reference “our ancestors,” we are referring to humans living before modern societies. We try to steer away from firm historical timelines and instead focus on pre- and post- modern times. We simply want to lay out the successes of “before” to find […]

Why Do We Get Sick?

I want nothing more than to protect my children from harm, which includes getting sick. All parents can agree with me here, across all walks and stages of our parenting journey. I want to have allies on my side and a culture filled with understanding to help me in turn understand how to keep them […]

A “Way of Life” Immune System

What do I mean by a “way of life” immune system? Lifestyle choices impact your immune system waaaaay more than a magic supplement or tonic. First, a quick overview of your immune system… Light Overview of Your Immune System Your immune system is your body’s most important surveillance system, protecting it from outside invaders and […]

How to Be a Better A**hole

Often my friends ask me, “Ashley. How do you do that? You just don’t seem to care about so many things! And the things you do care about, you care deeply and passionately.” I respond, “I try to be the nicest asshole ever. If someone or something is not on my “give a f**k list, […]

The Mission of Food Freedom

In 2001, two months before 9/11, I swore an oath to protect our country’s freedom. And while I was not a front-line fighter, I quickly grasped the importance of freedom from both training and experience. It’s a paradox when serving in the military because on one front you are fighting for your country’s freedom, and on […]