Organic, Wild-crafted Elderberries (1/2 lb)


Whole Organic, Wild-crafted Elderberries (Sambucus nigra)

1/2 pound bag of European dried wild-crafted elderberries for making your own elderberry syrup remedy. A 1/2 pound of elderberry will make approximately 24 ounces of herbal-infused syrup. 1/2 pound equals 8 ounces of dried elderberries. Instructions are included on the bag.

Made by regenerative farmers in our own health inspected faciltiy. Packaged and sealed in eco-paper bags.

The ancient knowledge of elderberry runs so deep that the “father of medicine,” Hippocrates, often referred to the herb as the “medicine chest” of all herbs because of its endless benefits. More specifically, elderberries have long-been used as an ally against upper respiratory infections and to boost your body’s defenses.

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